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Principal Activity

Option Quest LLC

The Option Quest group provides the following communication services: professional film/video assets production, globalization, translation, interpretation; also products which modernize and enhance the security, accessibility, aesthetics and functionality of roads, buildings, and other premises. We also help foreign investors find and negotiate business investments and acquisitions in the USA, and help US based firms with their export programs.

DUNS: 079725216 CAGE Code: 7ES04

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Incentive Server

Media production (film, images) and advanced web app development and design. We are a fun mix of programmers, analysts, designers, film producers and marketing strategists with a great passion for all things creative. We come up with things others don't dare to think about and we ask "why not". If you are a forward thinker and passionate about breaking conventions, you'll love working with us.

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Joint Venture

Language Queen

Language Queen is a full service translation and interpretation agency located in the heart of Hartford, CT right across the street from One Financial Plaza in the prestigious Hartford Trust Building. Over 300 languages, more than 4000 agents, 1 minute average access time to a telephone interpreter who can mediate live talks in any language you need. It's like having the UN in your pocket, they say.

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Responsive Glass

Responsive Glass has tangible technology you can use to make your indoor and outdoor glass look and act smart. When used together with Mobile Activator automation / security and Polymer Paving ecological color beauty paving solutions, you could literally re-design your existing building and premises to be modern, intelligent, futuristic and elicit "wows" from your peers, employees and customers, while eminently addressing privacy, security, advertising, automation and other concerns.

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- 844-800-5200
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Mobile Activator

Automation, traffic and premise security and GSM remotely controlled M2M technology.

Polymer Paving

Our focus is to help the paving industry. Some of our solutions are affordable; others are eco-friendly, and some are aesthetically pleasing. If you are paving roads, parks, alleys, sidewalks, perhaps we could help you.

Incredible Footage

Working as the production arm of The Hartford Film Academy, we have the ability to produce professional film and video (tv spots, company videos, documentaries, infomercials, etc) in high quality.

Check out the Responsive Glass promo video!

One of the coolest new inventions with solid practical applications. Electric switchable film turns on (transparent) and off (white). When off you can write on it (erasable whiteboard) or rear project on it. From an unusual size screen in your home or conference room, to a larger than life screen (turn your glass building into a movie screen) or just for space-age privacy in your reception area, perhaps is right for you too.

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750 Main Street, Ste 319
Hartford, CT 06103 USA

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