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Why you should work with us
Raising the bar of professionalism - we are Certified Business Analysts
Option Quest was started in 2007 by a marketing executive with a portfolio of over sixty F500 clients. The fact that business brokerage has been done the same way without any new ideas or innovation for the better part of a century is a challenge that drives us every day. Industry experts and "how to buy or sell a business" authors warn against doing anything to "change how things are done" or "to upset the apple cart". Yet the benefits and ease we make available to sellers, to buyers, and even to those who choose the career of a business broker by joining our team, are hard to contest or ignore.

Our proprietary listing system is perhaps the most advanced in the business.

As marketing veterans in the most competitive arena in the world (Manhattan advertising) we have skyrocketed our success rate by introducing top shelf knowledge from leading marketing and sales experts, right into our business brokerage practice, making it an exciting activity again, and providing in this way a considerable deal more real value to our clients. If you have ever seen anyone truly earn their commission at every step of the process, you're probably in the hands of an Option Quest broker.

Our business analysts (staff other than brokers) can look at any aspect of your operation, whether you're preparing it for a sale, or you just bought it and need improvement ideas that work. Have you ever seen two restaurants on opposite sides of the street, where one is always full yet the second always empty no matter what they try? Well, a business analyst's purpose in life (job description) is to figure out why. Business brokers also develop these skills tangentially to some extent through experience, but their expertise is really bringing seller and buyer in accord and mediating the intricacies of a complex transaction. Fact is, "company valuation" is only one small part of a business analyst's arsenal. We can also discuss:
  • how analysis and valuations differ across industries
  • analyze your key performance indicators
  • analyze your financial reporting procedures
  • discover gaps or erroneous projections using ratio analysis (solvency, cash flow, balance sheet, efficiency, liquidity, rate of returns, etc)
  • marketing strategy audit - poor marketing is a top reason money is wasted in 4 out of 5 companies we visit
  • efficiency and productivity analysis - determining benchmarks, BPI, BPR
  • advanced solutions - ERP, E-commerce, Analytics, Reporting, etc

The point to take home here is this: whether you're preparing to sell, or you just bought a company and you want to give it a turbo boost, there are certain things you can do now, which will make your business better, and as an effect, raise both its' intrinsic and perceived value in the marketplace.

The Marketing Difference
Yes, 30 years of marketing experience makes us better
When top marketing and advertising publications, the gurus that teach others, trust you to do their marketing campaigns for them, you can say that you have positive confirmation that your methods actually work better than anything else they have ever tried. Whether we engage in enhancing the premises, PPC advertising, filming ads, spots and infomercials, direct (list) marketing, or work our way back to identify issues in branding, slogans and package design, we do it right the first time. Not because we have some magic secret, but because we use the scientific method and we always test.

The warning to "stay away from change" and to "do it the way it was always done" is a cry of ignorance from people who are afraid of the new because they don't understand it. But the world changes around them and they are left behind. Step up to a better way to enhance, sell, buy, and turbocharge your business by working with people who can actually help you.

Our correct implementation of the Meclabs Heurstic in Direct (List) Marketing campaigns has been published on the MC website. Scroll down to "A Detailed Method" to see Dan Banici's submission. When it comes to marketing, we actually walk the talk. The things we teach you, we have already done for our own company Rolex Replique Montre and for top notch clients with their own experts, where results get you more work (and bullsh*t walks). Tell us how we can help you; let's start a conversation, and we'll figure the rest out together. Apple Computers (AC2 Theatre, Cupertino, CA) and Disney (Orlando, FL) are on our "recent client" list among a few other household brands; so perhaps we know a thing or two about proper marketing.

Why Hire Us To Represent You
We train brokers better, and represent clients better
Sooner or later you will speak to a broker knocking on your door to ask if you thought about selling your business. This is to be expected, the lifeblood of our business is getting listings, and all of us in this business work hard to obtain these listings, to convince a seller to use our representation. You may, sometimes, if you have the time, invite one of these business brokers to discuss the sale of your business. Right off the bat, their experience will be self evident in their confidence and ability to give you straight answers.

But there is always something else, something you can't really explain, that most times makes you feel uncomfortable talking to them, isn't there? Well, we've come this far, we may as well get into it. A number of business brokerage houses made a business out of charging a training fee or franchise fee and literally sending unqualified or marginally qualified Hublot Replique Montre people into the world to knock on doors and give out business cards that say "business broker". The way you identify these individuals is by asking them simple questions. For instance "if we list our business with you, what exactly will you do for us" is a good question. Then listen, really listen to see if you hear the person speaking or the memorized "ideology". Most have no real value to offer, so they offer you "confidentiality" as if it were sold by the pound, or offer you "marketing" without a functional understanding of your business and how it works.

Contrary to what you may have expected, I will not suggest you drop them and choose us. My suggestion is actually to go beyond this facade of "ordinariness" and try to have a deeper, more meaningful conversation with the person. See if they are single-mindedly bent on getting their commission or they have a human aspect to them, more depth, something personal they share with you, like an experience, or their unique view on a topic. If they know what they're doing, work with them. If they seem like good people, but lack knowledge, work with their boss. On the other hand, if they are caustic or adversarial, or continue to claim that "their confidentiality" has a dollar value, excuse yourself politely. You see, knowledge can be learned, and everyone deserves a chance. Character, on the other hand, requires failure and betrayal (and a much longer time span) to be learned if it's not in place, and you don't want to be the experimental ground for a person who doesn't quite have it.

The Option Quest brokers / agents go through a three part basic training with three exams, and later through a number of additional requirements to achieve a higher level in the organization. "Basic broker training" (seller forms, buyer forms, closing process, valuation methods, etc) is only one part of their three pronged training. We have experts in house who can handle "business brokerage" brilliantly. Our people in the field are also well versed in other, more important skills. For instance, we practice with them how to solve problems for a seller, how to complete a Purchase Offer for a buyer, how to use the buyer, seller, and listing management features of our web app. Whether you sell, buy or enhance (either for exit or scalability), you will find our people to be a refreshing break from the monotonous "broker mantras" like "we give you confidentiality", spoken as if everyone else has missed this one somehow... ;-). Or my favorite, "no upfront fee". Smiled? It's because it's true... lol

And talking about fees... look, some services and products require time and money, and others take very little resources, and can be done for free. Depending on what comes up when we look at your business we may suggest things to do from both categories. Which services you choose depends strictly on you (whether you agree it's money well spent or, frankly, whether you can afford certain things that may be good for your business or for getting the price you want). Some businesses require a lot of running around to properly get ready for a sale, and even more to make the transition, and a broker that knows what they're doing will tell you what it costs; one that has no clue, will "promise no fees" to try to get the business and then leave you stuck with the legwork. But confidentiality, handling minutia so it is resolved before closing as much as possible, advice from experience, and representation at closing with "no upfront fees" should pretty much be available from any broker; unless you actually hire them to do certain things for you on a retainer, which due to a level of complexity or time involved requires payment. The person promising "no fees upfront" will certainly NOT do all of those things for you (and sometimes just obtaining and filing out the right forms requires a lot of communicating and running around). At least with the person who knows how to do it and wants to, you can negotiate "how much". With the "no fees" guy you can both feel good about getting nothing done at no cost. ;-) Contact us today.

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